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homegreenWe are 3R manufacturing and are here to distribute the one of a kind “Patio Creations” product line. All of our products are hand made in the U.S.A. and are made by implementing stunningly innovative American manufacturing techniques that will remind the world why America is still the leader in producing the best and most innovative products in the world!!

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  • 49 weeks ago by Real Rock Replications

    Real Rock Replications
    PatioStone is so versatile! Look at the beautiful installations featured below. Front exterior entry, stairs, and patio with custom cap on curb. Want this look in your space? Call us today!
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  • 50 weeks ago by Real Rock Replications

    Real Rock Replications
    Check out this time lapse video of a three-person soft set installation of PatioStone. The work you see completed during this video took about 35 minutes, including the cuts. PatioStone is revolutionary and really exciting! Call or message us today to find out how we can assist with your future project!
    Check out this time lapse video of a three-person soft set installatio
    50 weeks ago Real Rock Replications
    Finished patio picture
    50 weeks ago Real Rock Replications
    Another with the complete patio but a shadow that plagued any good picture attempt.
  • 51 weeks ago by Real Rock Replications

    Real Rock Replications
    It's likely you've recently heard about, or seen something regarding our exclusive PatioStone Kits. You're in the right place to learn a bit more, and we're happy to help! So, what's the deal with this innovative product, and what do you need to know? We're glad you asked! PatioStone is available as a unique 24 piece GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) tile kit that will cover 115 square feet in an abstract pattern. What does this mean? It means that you'll have a formal, durable surface that is indistinguishable from real flagstone, and it will not have a noticeable repeating pattern. What’s even better still is that our matching edge pattern allows for continuous expansion in any direction. Your space can be as large or as small as you wish! PatioStone is 70% lighter than flagstone, measuring at 5/8" thickness. Why is this important? Our product does not require any heavy equipment for installation. It's easier and faster to move, and these attributes will save time and money during your installation. Our tiles are stronger and more durable than real stone, and will not degrade as real stone does. Patiostone is professionally pre-planned and pre-cut. It fits together like a puzzle, and the grout lines are consistent throughout. Your labor costs, and your valuable time spent will be a fraction of those with a natural stone install, because very few cuts will need to be made at the job site. Each piece is marked, and an easy to follow diagram accompanies each kit. PatioStone installs seamlessly and professionally every time, when proper installation methods are followed. It is available in a variety of colors, and can be installed over a variety of surfaces. Which of your spaces would be beautifully improved by the addition of PatioStone?  We want to answer your questions! Call or message us so that we can assist. We look forward to hearing from you today!
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    47 weeks ago
    51 weeks ago
    I want this at the new house. Seriously. Kari I'll show you where I'm thinking when you come to visit. Which means another trip to IA next summer will be in order 😁
    51 weeks ago 1
    I love this idea!
    47 weeks ago
    Can this be put on an interior wall behind a wood burning stove?
    45 weeks ago Real Rock Replications
    I apologize for having missed your question Leta. Yes, PatioStone can be used for that application. We’d love to help you get some ideas for your project. Please contact us!
    47 weeks ago
    Arturo Calahorra
    47 weeks ago
    Also slippery when wet
    47 weeks ago Real Rock Replications
    Hi Dominic! PatioStone has gone through stringent slip resistance testing, and has been officially certified for use around pools.
  • 67 weeks ago by Real Rock Replications

    Real Rock Replications
    PatioStone provides a hyper realistic flagstone look with none of the hassles, or unnecessary additional costs associated with flagstone.
    PatioStone is far more durable, and is longer lasting than flagstone. It is also more versatile in terms of its installation applications. Because the pieces are made to fit together, this means little waste, and installation costs that are far less than with flagstone installations.
    PatioStone provides a uniform and professional installation every time, while still maintaining a natural and non-repetitive look.
    PatioStone is the clear winner when compared with flagstone, and would make a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your space!
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    67 weeks ago
    Ricardo Mestre
    67 weeks ago
    N it's not real, but u pay extra...
    67 weeks ago Real Rock Replications 2
    Hi Edi! You're right, PatioStone is not real flagstone, it's even BETTER. PatioStone is virtually an exact flagstone replication visually, yet is far superior in longevity and durability. It will last longer than flagstone because it will not shale, break or degrade as flagstone does. You will pay more for the PatioStone material versus real flagstone. However, the labor time and costs are cut by roughly 50%, because the pieces are already made to fit together. The PatioStone pieces are also thinner and lighter than real flagstone, making them much easier to work with, while maintaining superior durability. Our PatioStone kit covers about 115 square feet and weighs about 750 pounds. You would need to purchase about 4,000 pounds of real flagstone to create the same surface size. Because of the weight of the real flagstone, special equipment will be necessary to transport it, and then each piece will need to be precisely cut before installation. We invite you to learn more about PatioStone.
    67 weeks ago
    Angela Romero